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Nurturing Hope in Children Through Summer Camp in Ukraine

Supporting Children in Chernamosk Amidst the Challenges of War

Join us in supporting the summer camp in Chernamosk, Ukraine, as we strive to provide a safe haven and nourishment for children affected by the hardships of war. Led by dedicated volunteers, this camp offers approximately 60 children a respite from the chaos they face daily.

Through engaging sports activities, life lessons, art, and music, these children find solace, inspiration, and a chance to reclaim their childhood. With the assistance of a dedicated nurse, their medical needs are attended to, ensuring their well-being throughout the camp.

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However, we face a critical challenge in providing enough food to nourish these young souls. Your contribution will make a direct impact, allowing us to purchase additional food and sustain the camp's mission of nurturing hope. Together, let's empower these courageous children, instill within them the belief that they are not alone, and sow the seeds of a brighter future.

Support our fundraising campaign today and help us make a lasting difference in their lives.

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Join us in transforming lives and making profound impact. Your contributions enable students to learn, uplift vulnerable communities, and break the cycle of poverty.

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